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About the Department: Human resource management involves both strategic and comprehensive approaches to managing people, as well as workplace culture and environment. The HR team focuses on strategic utilization of employees and ensures recruitment that advances the Institution’s objectives, Attendance and Leave Management, Employee Relations, Planning and Development, Exit Formalities and general coordination of the team.

About the Department: The team is responsible for facilitating, providing, managing and coordinating all functions related to operations and administration for all educational institutions and their associated programs, divisions or departments. It is also involved in managing staff to achieve the mission, goals and objectives of the institution by partnering with the leadership team.  It involves a series of planned, interconnected activities and programs to communicate and engage with internal employees and externally with partners and other stakeholders. The department works closely with other departments to ensure it understands the dynamics of the hour and the information it needs to communicate. The team creates and validates the website, blogs, social media, brochures, newsletters and mailers, besides managing content for advertising, both print and online. The team is involved in creating content and implementing training programmes for Government-aided and private schools and engineering and polytechnic colleges.

About the Department: The team ensures compliance with regards to documentation, recognitions, compliance and inspections. Quality control, stock check and inventory, maintaining housekeeping standards are also managed by the department. It also enables effective management of energy and waste, provides technical services, ensures a risk-free safe environment and maintains landscaping. The team formulates the emergency and risk management plans and procedures. They ensure compliance with financial statutory norms, procedures and government policies to make sure all Statutory Compliance are in place.

About the Department: The department is responsible for ICT infrastructure planning & management for all institutions with Niyogaa. The team ensures all hardware, servers, networking, telecom, internet, backup system and security systems work appropriately. They review automated information processing systems and physical checking of fixed IT assets and stock items. They also analyse the requirement and procure materials. They are also responsible for arranging and providing training as required. Creative and graphic designing for social media activities, digital marketing and design, development and maintenance of all websites is also part of their domain.

About the Department: The department ensures maintenance of accounts and implementation of Internal Control Systems for accounts and bookkeeping. They implement accounting, approval and government policies of accounting at all aided institutions and guide the institutions on periodical investments and utilization of funds. They also coordinate with the Trust office for consolidation of Trust accounts. The team facilitates internal audit and statutory audit, centralized monthly salary processing and implementation of Payroll Management System in all private institutions.

About the Department: The department takes care of the offline and online marketing platforms. Generating visibility through networking, speaking engagements, print publications, cold calls, print advertisements, associations and education fairs, community engagements, workshops, renting billboards and hoardings are the focus areas. Apart from offline activities, the department also facilitates online visibility through content advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media advertising, Email, Radio and WhatsApp advertising.

About the Department: The wellness department of Niyogaa ensures the key functional areas – Academics, Finance and Administration of the institutions are aligned with the policies, procedures and ethos of the group. It serves as the cross-exchange platform for the institutions to enhance and further refine their processes. The department also offers support in areas like enrichment, collaboration, coordination, upgradation and training in institutions affiliated to different educational boards across Tamil Nadu.