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The Chettinad group began its journey in the year 1912 when its founder Dr. Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiar, a Visionary, Idealist, Entrepreneur, Educationist and Philanthropist envisioned that the future of his group lies in improving the society by providing industrial and business development. The core values of the Group -Strive, Save & Serve reached further heights under the aegis of Dr. Raja Sir Muthiah Chettiar followed by his son, Dr. M.A.M. Ramaswamy. The mantle of Chettinad Group was taken forward by the untiring efforts of Mr. M.A.M.R Muthiah Ayyappan, a dynamic industrialist with varied exposure to the field of education.

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Our Focus

The current challenges we face in the ever-changing global, economic, technological, social and political context require a different set of skills, habits of work and attitude. We are the best education management company in Chennai. Our focus is to provide a holistic, value-based education and to prepare individuals who are empowered to lead and serve in the future. We aim to develop individuals who are creative, collaborative, adaptable and resilient. Our humanistic approach empowers students to discover the joy of learning, embrace challenge and use earth’s resources mindfully.

Global Citizenship 88%
Culture Experience 95%
Learning beyond the Classroom 70%

Global Citizenship

The Sanskrit phrase Vasudhaiva kuTumbakam means the whole world is one family where every being is interconnected and interdependent. With this understanding, the Global Citizenship program adopted by the schools is a framework that equips children to work towards a sustainable future. The program encourages them to understand the global issues, appreciate the importance of using the earth’s resources mindfully and work towards ‘Think globally and Act locally’. We aim to shift the focus of the students from ‘I’ the individual to ‘we’ the peers to ‘us’ the community and finally to ‘ours’ the world. All students and teachers are involved in various projects throughout the year to spread the need for sustainable development.

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